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Our team at KAV Health Group has years of experience providing compassionate care to those suffering from opioid addiction in the Cincinnati area. Our online suboxone clinic’s virtual telehealth program provides all the services of our in-person treatment, but accessible from the comfort and ease of your own home.

To ensure nothing stands in the way of our patients’ recovery, we accept Ohio Medicaid insurance, offer same-day scheduling, and use a completely confidential video chat platform. We understand each person struggling with opioid addiction is a unique individual, and our online suboxone treatment program allows each patient to work towards recovery with a plan tailored to their needs and pace.

Our Telehealth Services

We are focused on helping our clients achieve lasting sobriety, with services to heal both the body and mind from opioid addiction. Suboxone can be a life-changing medicine on its own, but our telehealth services enhance it with counseling and group therapy to help make the recovery process more manageable and support life-long recovery.
Online Suboxone Doctor


Medicated-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a proven treatment for those dealing with opioid addiction, designed to make cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms more manageable. Our telehealth services allow our suboxone doctors to monitor each patient’s progress and provide frequent check-ins to discuss their experience and adjust treatment as necessary.

Online Suboxone Doctor


Our practice makes it convenient and easy for you to see your suboxone doctor whenever you need to, even if that means a same day appointment. To connect with us on our HIPPA-compliant, confidential video platform, all you need is a phone, laptop, or tablet, allowing you to access high-quality opioid addiction treatment from your living room or on the go.

Online Suboxone Doctor


KAV Health Group is committed to finding the root cause of each patient’s struggles with addiction, and reintegrating them into their lives as sober, fulfilled individuals. We offer both individual and group virtual counseling sessions to help each patient develop their own methods to cope with cravings and triggers, and set their own pace to achieving a healthy, sober lifestyle.

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Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication for those struggling with an addiction to opioids, opiates, and heroin. It has two primary components: buprenorphine, which helps ease the cravings for opioids in the brain, and naloxone, which relieves the body of painful opioid withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is not like heroin or opioids in that the body cannot work up a tolerance to it, so we will never need to change the dosage to achieve the same result.

Suboxone is a crucial part of Medication-Assisted Treatment because it allows the body to detox without having to go through all the difficulties of withdrawal. Our team uses Suboxone in conjunction with our telehealth counseling services to support your recovery and address the underlying causes of your addiction. You can achieve sobriety and live happily in recovery — and we can help you get there.

Starting Your Online Suboxone Treatment Program

Online Suboxone Doctor

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It only takes one call for us to get started on your sober future. We answer your questions, guide you through enrollment, and set up your initial appointment in a matter of minutes.


Online Suboxone Doctor

Step Two: Online Intake

Complete the form below before your first visit using our paperless intake system, as this will allow us to get you the help you need and develop your treatment plan more quickly.

Online Suboxone Doctor

Step Three: Connect Virtually


After you’ve submitted your intake form, we’ll text you to confirm your first appointment and include a link with further instructions on how to connect to your doctor using our virtual system.


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